May it be a corporate office or a retail showroom, no space is too limited for our design experts. Our list of projects contains interiors of all types, which allow us to exercise our creative mastery and developing each project to become a distinctive identity.


Company Project: Anna Giorgina Interiors
Photo Credits: Anna Giorgina Interiors

Concept exploration:
After doing research into ‘SkropToppie’, we extracted three keywords that embody the brand: modern, youthful and stylish. These are the words we want people to think when they step into SkropToppie’s very first retail store.

Now more than ever is the time to celebrate our frontline workers. We want this shopping experience to bring just as much joy to our healthcare workers as these scrubs & accessories bring to them.

One way to arrange this marriage between the design world & medical field is to create a space that is functional & practical but also dynamic and interchangeable. In our proposal, we will explore some of the design solutions we wish to include to achieve this.

We want to step away from the sterile and clinical and embrace the SkropToppie mindset of using the colour and pattern of the scrubs and accessories as the main source of colour. Hence using a nude, natural & white colour pattern to really make the SkropToppie stand out from its surroundings.


Company Project: Ray Kilian interiors
Drawings: Ray Kilian Interiors

Adri has been the appointed designer for this project whilst working at Ray Kilian Interiors.

Marios Jewellers takes great pride in sourcing exquisite jewellery from around the world and has the reputation of creating one-off bespoke jewellery. Marios Jewellers have in-store jewellery designers equipped with their own modern area office ready to make a customer’s signature piece

Safety is of importance when it comes to jewellery. Each designer item has its own secure glass box whilst still having a top display for its viewers. The colour of the furniture complements their jewellery and the ceiling logo display & signage brings it all together as a whole.

Maison Mara

Company Project: Robert Sherwood
Photo Credits: Maison Mara

Adri has been the appointed designer for this project whilst working at Robert Sherwood Bastille | Maison Mara is a concept store based in a beautiful heritage house.

The Store offers a curated selection of clothing both local & internationally. Simplicity is key. The use of wood brings you a feel of the olden days of this heritage area and together with this clean & neat design makes the space easily accessible for customers to roam & find clothing to their own liking.

By inserting showcases & the right light display clients can now view & shop for the latest products on the market. Built-in shelves are inserted to create a more stable area for heavier products & soft seating is provided for those who wish to sit and have a rest.


Company Project: Anna Giorgina Interiors 
Photo Credits: Anna Giorgina Interiors

Concept Exploration:

“Jewellery is like the perfect spice-it complements what’s already there.” -Diane Von Furstenberg


Using neutral tones wont only look good with the interior but really bring out the spark of jewels themselves.

It is crucial for jewellery shops to implement an interior design that demonstrates a strong brand presence as well as enable them to provide a pleasurable shopping experience for their customers.

The shop’s floorplan, stylistic theme, display fixtures, and attractive lighting effects are all key components of it’s interior. A successful shop is not only enabled by the manager’s office, but also by the security components.

Psychiatric Office – Tygervalley

Company Project: Anna Giorgina Interiors
Photo Credits: Anna Giorgina Interiors

Concept Exploration:

In terms of interior design, white is a wonderful neutral colour that appeals to many emotions including purity , cleanliness, confidence, and sophistication.

It makes a small space appear large and offers a lot of design opportunities.

By adding artwork and different objects to the area, it will help to find our and create a balanced space.

Pair it with shades of gold and blue, it will add a sense of calmness and the feel of luxury to a patient all while enjoying the complimentary refreshments.